The use of utility vehicles lends itself to our outdoor lifestyle. Whether it’s for everyday work use or for 4WDing on a weekend, the ute is the epitome of the Australian lifestyle.

A tonneau cover is one of the smartest after-market options you can add to your car, increasing the luggage space, providing additional security, and complementing the aerodynamics of your vehicle.

If you are only new to the ute world, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of tonneau covers, so we’re going to take a look at what exactly tonneau is, why you would want to cover it, the types of covers and the advantages to them.

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What is Tonneau and a Tonneau Cover?

Tonneau is the area of a vehicle open at the top, like the back of a ute. Here in Australia we tend to use this after for the transportation of cargo from one place to another – similar to how you would use the boot space in any other car.

A tonneau cover, therefore, is a cover that protects this open space from inclement weather and other damages. These covers can be hard or soft, and they have started to become really popular aftermarket additions for many ute owners.

Interestingly, tonneau is the French word for barrel or cask. It dates back to when cars had a barrel-shaped passenger compartment. While the shape has changed, the name remains the same.

Soft leather covers were the original option for ute owners, but that has changed, with hard covers now available.

Different Types of Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Cover Clips

Australians are well known for their love of the outdoors, from hiking and camping to fishing and boating. Head out to any camping spot and you’re likely to see a huge number of utes; similarly, if you want to camp or fish on the beach, having a ute is essential.

What you will see on many of these vehicles, is a tonneau cover. The type you choose for your vehicle will come down to personal choice and what you use your ute for.

Soft Tonneau Covers

Soft tonneau covers are the most commonly used covers and they are the less expensive option. Usually, soft tonneau covers are in the form of soft vinyl covers over an aluminum frame. There are three types of soft tonneau covers including:

  • Bunji Loop covers
  • Continuous rope covers, and
  • Clip-on covers

Bunji Loop and Continuous Loop Cover Clips

These are the least expensive covers available on the market. These soft and versatile tonneau covers provide all-weather protection for your belongings. Their name is due to a bunji cord attached with the hook inside and the buttons outside of the tub. Therefore, if you want to optimize the utility of your pickup cabin along with the protection of your goods, prefer these simple but versatile tonneau covers for the sleek look of your vehicle.

Clip-On Covers

Clip-on covers are simple but handy tonneau covers that may protect your luggage in the open back of your ute. These are low profile seamless covers because there are no buttons to open or close them. Instead, clip-on covers clip into an aluminium rail at the top of the tub. The simplicity and affordability of these covers make them the some of the best tonneau covers available on the market.

Hard Tonneau Covers

As the name implies, these are rigid covers made of fiberglass, aluminium, or ABS plastic. Depending on the style, there are two kinds of hard tonneau covers. These are:

  • Hinging Hard Covers
  • Folding Covers

Hinging Hard Covers

Hinging hard vovers are made of fibreglass or hard plastic material. These operate with two keyed locks. However, modern covers feature a central locking system for easy use. The hinges at the cabin end of these covers play a crucial role in the easy and smooth operation of tonneau covers. You can easily carry oversized loads if you are using these tonneau covers in your truck or pickup.

Folding Covers

If you want durability without compromising security, folding tonneau covers are the best fit for you because these surpass all soft tonneau cover options. These tonneau covers are available in tri-fold and multi-panel folding designs. You do not need any tool to install these covers.

Apart from these famous types, there are also some more types available on the Australian market nowadays. These include retractable and roll-up tonneau covers and choosing the best for your vehicle is always tricky.

Tonneau covers, in all their types, provide you with premium support and protection from inclement weather. Most of the covers come with seals that protect your goods from rainwater. The material used in manufacturing tonneau covers makes these rust-free. Thus, you can use these both in the summer and winter seasons. However, the selection of the right cover, either hard or soft, depends on your needs and requirements.

Advantages of Using Tonneau Covers

There are innumerable advantages of using tonneau covers on your ute. Apart from protecting your belongings, these also add to the beauty and efficiency of your vehicles. Some of the advantages of tonneau covers are:

Weather Protection

You’ve probably been there – heading home after shopping or on a trip and it starts raining. All your luggage or groceries are in the back of your car. This is where covers with good quality tonneau cover clips come into their own.

Weather protection is one of the most popular reason ute owners look at adding a tonneau cover to their vehicle, whether it be protection from the rain, wind or sun.

Improve Vehicle Fuel Economy

No one can deny the fact that many automotive accessories play a critical role in saving you money. Tonneau covers are among those accessories that not only protect your cargo but also make your vehicle more fuel-efficient. It is thought that tonneau covers decrease air drag by almost 10 percent which ultimately saves you money. Low air drag also revolutioniaes your driving experience because you will feel a more smooth and luxurious drive.

Security of Open Area

Tonneau covers are worth the value of your money when you have to go shopping or intend to spend a night out. Tonneau covers with high quality clips help to protect your belongings, and while they can never ensure 100% security of your goods they are enough to discourage theft. Modern tonneau covers come equipped with a lot of locking options. People, who want to keep their valuable items in that space, will always prefer covers with a proper and high quality tonneau clips.

Affordable and Easy Installation

These covers are also affordable and relatively easy to install. Low profile tonneau cover clips are easy to install and provide sleek and attractive looks to your vehicle.

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