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A tonneau cover is a great addition to any truck, they add a sleek, clean appearance and hide away a multitude of messes underneath. Whether your tonneau has been damaged or lost or your truck or ute never came with one, Carman’s auto can custom make you the perfect match for your vehicle.

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Is A Tonneau Cover Worth It?

A tonneau cover is more than just aesthetically pleasing, they offer many benefits such as:

  • Saving you money on fuel mileage through reduced wind resistance.

  • Can prevent theft of items stored in the bed of your truck.

  • Protects the bed of your truck from exposure, upon resale your truck will look less worn or damaged.

  • Keep the weather out! No more soaked items from rain or faded or damaged items from wind or sun, a tonneau protects from the elements.

Types Of Tonneau

Do you need a tonneau more for looks or for practicality? At Carman’s Auto Trimmers, we have a wide range of options to suit your preferred style. We understand the varying needs from a run loop to a clip on tonneau cover and work with you to ensure the right match for your requirements.

Clip-on Style Soft Tonneau Covers

These are buttonless covers that offer a sleek design attachment that is virtually invisible. The hidden aluminium strip which is attached to the top edge of your tray clips together with the plastic strip on the underside of the soft tonneau to create a flat buttonless finish.

Bunji Style Soft Tonneau Cover

This option is fitted with elastic ‘Bunji’ tonneau loops that loop onto anchor points that are drilled into your tray. This style of tonneau is preferred for trades or labourer’s as it allows for protruding items e.g. steel or ladders to be safely carried while still being fixed and secure to the tray.

Both tonneau patterns are easily customised to suit your tray layout, working around fixtures such as toolboxes, sports bars or ladder racks. Depending on the size of your tray, we will also install 1 or 2 supports across the span of your tray to eliminate any sag as the tonneau ages and to prevent water from pooling on the material.

Want a unique custom design incorporated into your tonneau? We can assist with that too – we love a challenge!

Why Choose Us?

Carman’s Auto Trimmers have over 40 years of experience providing quality aftermarket automotive additions and upgrades. Our care and passion for our work extend beyond simply delivering an order. Whether it’s a clip on tonneau cover or a bunji tonneau our team also handles all of your aftercare needs for your soft tonneau including alteration, repair and parts as needed.

We guarantee customer satisfaction on all our work and our testimonials demonstrate that we deliver on this promise. As motoring enthusiasts, we understand that not all cars, trucks or bikes are the same and each job we do is treated as a unique opportunity to showcase our expertise.

We have a wide range of ute covers to enhance the usability and appearance of your ute tray with a custom made tonneau from Carman’s Auto Trimmers. Call today on 07 3209 3663 or make an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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