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Our clip-on style soft tonneau covers are buttonless covers that offer a sleek design attachment that is virtually invisible.  The hidden aluminium strip which is attached to the top edge of your tray clips together with the plastic strip on the underside of the soft tonneau to create a flat buttonless finish.

Another option is the Bunji style soft tonneau cover, fitted with elastic ‘Bunji’ loops that loop onto anchor points that are drilled into your tray.  This style of tonneau is preferred for trades or labourer’s as it allows for protruding items e.g. steel or ladders to be safely carried while still being fixed and secure to the tray.

Both tonneau patterns are easily customised to suit your tray layout, working around fixtures such as toolboxes, sports bars or ladder racks. Depending on the size of your tray, we will also install 1 or 2 supports across the span of your tray to eliminate any sag as the tonneau ages and to prevent water from pooling on the material.

Want a unique custom design incorporated into your tonneau? We can assist with that too – we love a challenge!


With our roads fast becoming more congested, we are spending more and more time in our vehicles. For those that spend a significant portion of their job behind the wheel of a car, this can make driving a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. As a result, we need to ensure our seats are up to the challenge. If we don’t we’re not only missing out on a comfortable ride but may exacerbate or cause long-term pain in your back and hips.

The solution? Quality aftermarket comfort additions to your car seats.

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We stock a wide range of premium leather options, including grain leather, Nappa leather, to full custom designer leather. Carman’s exclusively sources leather from the world’s best Leather Tanneries so you know the product that is being installed in your vehicle won’t be seen anywhere else on the market. For those with unique or vintage vehicles, this can add additional value and enhance their appeal.

We also offer materials to complement our range of premium leather such as leatherette, suede, Alcantara®, vinyl or cloth. We can personalise the interior of your vehicle with two-tone pleated inserts, custom style stitching and even do custom embroidery/ embossing to reflect your vision.

We guarantee your safety with all jobs we manage. Many modern vehicles have airbags within the seats themselves, as a result, all changes need to be made in adherence to clear guidelines and using a certified machine. All our repairs or upgrades are airbag (SRS – SIAB) compliant and are supplied with access to Isofix points to suit the factory standards of your vehicle.