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If you are passionate about vintage or rare cars, you’ll no doubt be well versed in the importance of quality restorations. When done well, restoration work can completely elevate not only the value of your vehicle, but your enjoyment of it also. If you have ever undertaken a restoration and lost momentum or simply have no idea where to begin, our team is here to get your restoration project complete.

At Carman’s Auto Trimmers we guarantee to restore your vehicle to its original glory while incorporating custom elements you desire. We offer realistic and reasonable timelines and understand the need to stay on budget while still delivering a restoration of exceptional quality. We know that a great restoration takes time, patience, trust and communication.

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Is It Worth Restoring A Car?

Restoring a vehicle can be a long-term and costly exercise, so is it really worthwhile? The answer is, absolutely. Aside from making it more enjoyable to own and drive, restoring a vehicle has many benefits.

Not only does it reduce the risk or need for ongoing repairs, but it increases the value of your car and can make it even more sought after. The value is especially enhanced when you keep the restoration as close to the original manufacture as possible. Think of it as preserving a little bit of history for future generations.

Of course, we cannot forget the enjoyment of showing off your pristine, restored vehicle and the pride that brings!

What Do We Restore?

When restoring your car, our skilled technicians can address multiple components of your car’s interior. These include:

  • Carpeting, tailored and fit to suit your vehicle.

  • Trim and door panels, both repairs and custom made replacements.

  • Seats repaired or recovered in quality materials such as leather with a choice of contrasting colours and piping.

  • Armrests

  • Dashboard sections.

  • Custom tonneau’s for vintage vehicles.

  • Headlining and sunroofs.

We pay close attention to every detail and endeavour to keep the restoration as close to the original as possible unless otherwise directed.



Carman’s Auto Trimmers has over 40 years of combined restoration experience. This high level of skill and expertise ensures that the restoration of your vehicle is never compromised and the original features are preserved as best as possible for maximum authenticity. Our longevity and respected presence in the industry also means we have the necessary contacts to help you source parts required for the restoration.

Our team has completed work on hundreds of makes and models including:

  • Classic Holden and Ford interiors

  • Imported Japanese models

  • Prestigious European vehicles

  • Vintage rebuilds

  • Iconic American rebuilds and more.

We are car enthusiasts and incredibly passionate about the work we do. We take great pride in our restorations and recognise the value in doing them to a high standard and as authentically as possible.

For restoration work that exceeds all expectations and take your car to the next level, contact Carman’s Auto Trimmers today on 07 3209 3663 or make an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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