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Make chilly mornings in winter a lot more comfortable with seat heaters…
Have you ever dreamed of getting a massage when stuck in traffic?
How about a little extra comfort for your lower back with a lumbar support?

With Carman’s Auto Trimmers, you can experience true comfort and luxury through the addition of our high-quality comfort options. Whether your car is brand new, an classic model or a much loved family car, the experts at Carman’s Auto Trimmers can assess your specific needs and offer tailored options to elevate your driving experience.

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Why Add Comfort Options?

With our roads fast becoming more congested, we are spending more and more time in our vehicles. For those that spend a significant portion of their job behind the wheel of a car, this can make driving a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. As a result, we need to ensure our seats are up to the challenge and reduce the chance of having long-term pain in your back and hips.

The solution? Quality aftermarket comfort additions to your car seats.

What we can offer…

  • Lumbar Support – Electric or Manual

  • Lumbar Supports – Custom Foam or Gel Inserts

  • Seat Heaters – with or without a massage function

  • Foam Re-shaping and Repairs

Not only do these additions make driving more enjoyable, but they add serious value to your car in the event of a re-sale.

The lumbar supports specifically relieve pressure and discomfort to your lower back, hips and spinal disks. The range of seat heaters offer a constant and even flow of warmth through the seat cushion and backrest. Our seat heaters have dual temperature function, which includes Low & High heating modes for optimal comfort.

Many modern vehicles have airbags within the seats and as a result, all changes we make need to be made in adherence to clear guidelines and using certified materials and machinery. All our repairs or upgrades come airbag (SRS – SIAB) compliant and are supplied with access to Isofix points to suit the factory standards of your vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

With over 40 years of experience in automotive aftermarket upgrades, you can count on us to deliver your most comfortable ride ever. We are passionate about enhancing your automotive experience. Not sure what to upgrade or what is possible? Our highly-skilled and experienced team are here to advise on the most appropriate materials and products that will best suit your vehicle.

Our expert installation of your comfort upgrades means your vehicle retains the same appearance and manufacturing warranty as well as ongoing product support.