Are your car’s leather seats looking worse for wear? If everyday wear and tear have your leather interiors aging your car’s appearance and making the seats uncomfortable, we have the solution.

At Carman’s Auto Trimmers we have the knowledge and expertise needed to transform your car interiors from damaged to looking like new. Our decades of experience handling leather repairs, restorations and complete customisations makes us a premier provider of car interior services in Queensland.

What Causes Leather Damage?

Car Leather Seat Repair 2022

Leather car seats can become damaged quite easily in the course of everyday use. For families with pets and/or children damage can often be unavoidable. Even with all effort taken to protect your leather seats and interiors, accidents and age can still get the better of it.

From claws to shoes, spills, cigarette burns, UV damage and more, your leather interiors can quickly become dry, torn, scratched and sagging. Even the simple act of sliding in and out of the driver’s seat can cause unsightly scuffing to the leather bolster on the side of your seat.

Can All Damage Be Repaired?

No, while the majority of damage can be repaired there are some instances in which the damaged area is too significant to make it worthwhile. In these situations, we recommend recovering the damaged seats, something we are also able to assist with.

Where required we can replace foam inlay and match the leather to your existing interior for a seamless and incredibly comfortable result.

Why Pursue Repairs?

We get it, it may seem easier to just ignore the damage and not have it repaired, however repairing your leather seats has many benefits.

  • Comfort, nothing worse than having your bare skin scratched, scraped or pinched by a damaged seat. Repairs make sure the surface is smooth and optimally comfortable for all passengers.
  • Resale value is improved. If you don’t plan to keep your car till it dies of old age, then repairing damaged seats is a must. One of the first things buyers look at is the condition of the car’s interior and often view this as a reflection on how the car has been cared for as a whole.
  • It’s more aesthetically pleasing. If you love your car and like having nice things it makes sense to repair your seats and have your car looking at its best for your enjoyment.
  • It’s sustainable. In a world that is increasingly concerned with waste, repairing your car seats rather than replacing the entire interior or buying a new car is the better choice.
  • It’s cost-effective. Much, cheaper than reupholstering the whole car or buying a new one, repairs are an affordable solution. Repairs are also a major convenience and time saver compared with the hassles of a complete reupholster or car swap.

How A Leather Car Seat Is Repaired

How a seat is repaired will largely depend on the type of damage it has. Some repairs will be relatively quick and simple and once complete, will be almost indiscernible from the rest of the seat.

For more complex repairs where patching is required, we will discuss your options and possible outcomes and work with you to determine if a complete reupholster is the better option.

To properly repair a leather seat with scuffing, cracking or peeling the following steps will be taken:


Using a specialty solution, the entire seat will be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, grease and grime. This step is important as it helps to ensure the new repair blends properly with the rest of the seat. Once cleaned, you may see that the leather is a much lighter colour than you realised.


A gentle solvent will be used to clean the damaged area, this solvent removes any remaining dirt and grime as well as any waxes or silicones. It will also remove the manufacturing finish that was applied when the car was new.

Often the visible damage to your leather car seats is not in fact damage to the leather, but damage to the paint colour used on top of the leather. The solution used in this preparation stage removes much of the colour and exposes the undamaged leather beneath.

It will look worse before it looks better at this point, but it will all be worth it! This step allows for the smoothest and cleanest possible surface to repair and aids in a more effective and long-lasting repair.

Following a final wipe down with alcohol, the next stage is ready to begin.


Using very fine grade sandpaper, cracks and crazing will be buffed over until smooth. This removes any fine lines, cracks and peeling on the leather to allow for a new surface on which the paint can properly adhere.

For cracks that are still visible post-cleaning and buffing, a flexible liquid leather solution may be used to seal the cracks. This purpose made filler is designed to mimic the appearance, feel and flexibility of leather and any colour will adhere to it in the same way as it would to the rest of the seat.

Masking Off

To ensure the leather paint does not end up anywhere it shouldn’t, the seat will be masked off to protect the surrounding areas. In some instances, the seat may be removed to allow for better access and to protect any electrical components.


The first coat of colour is gently but thoroughly sponged over the damaged area and worked into all creases and crevices. Following this, additional coats will be airbrushed on for a perfect finish.


Once all paint is dry and we are happy with the result, a sealant will also be applied. These are available in a range of finishes such as matte, satin and gloss. The most appropriate match to the rest of your car’s interior will be used.

How To Avoid Future Damage

Regular gentle cleaning of the leather along with the use of appropriate leather conditioning products can help to protect your seats from further damage. Likewise, avoiding placing sharp objects or abrasive items on seats will also help.

Be mindful of clothing or personal items that may catch on the leather such as buckles, watches, keys or similar. And one of the best ways to protect your car’s leather interior? Keeping it stored under cover and away from excessive UV exposure.

UV rays from the sun are particularly damaging to leather or vinyl car interiors and can quickly break down the surface of the material, making it more difficult to repair.

Why Choose Us?

If achieving a repair that is long-lasting and looks great is important to you then Carman’s Auto Trimmers are for you. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results paired with outstanding customer service, something that has kept us doing what we love for decades.

Our passion for quality work and long time experience in the auto upholstery industry means that there is no repair we cannot tackle with confidence. We work with the utmost integrity and honesty at all times, ensuring you always receive the best value for money with zero compromises on quality.

For car leather seat repairs in 2022 that bring your back to its best, contact Carman’s Auto Trimmers today on 07 3209 3663.