If you’ve been tossing up on whether to get a tonneau cover for your ute, there are plenty of good reasons to, from the aesthetic appeal to valuable cargo being protected from potential thieves. 

Let’s take a look at five of the most popular reasons that ute owners install a tonneau cover on their vehicle. 

Keeping Your Valuables Out of Sight

Most thefts are that of opportunity, i.e someone walking past sees your open ute tray and sees your tools or something else unsecured in the back of your ute. It is easy enough for them to pick this up and continue walking or pop it in the back of their own car and drive away. 

A tonneau cover, both hard and soft, will keep your belongings hidden from view, minimising opportunistic theft. 

If you do want a higher level of security, a hard tonneau cover is the best option, but a soft one will provide you with enough security that it will stop most thefts. 

Get Better Mileage 

A tonneau cover can help reduce drag on your vehicle by around 5-6% giving you around a 2% increase in fuel efficiency. While these aren’t big numbers, with the price of fuel, it does make a difference over the long term. The difference in how much you save could come down to the weight of your tonneau cover. Heavier covers, like those made from fibreglass add to the weight of the car so are likely to result in less efficiency while lighter covers won’t interfere with how many kilometres you get from your fuel. 

Protect Your Cargo

Not only can a tonneau cover protect your belongings from theft, they can also assist in shielding them from the elements. A hard tonneau cover is going to provide better protection from the weather simply due to the way it is attached to the vehicle. A soft cover on the other hand may have small gaps where the rain can get through. 

In lighter rain events, both hard and soft covers will offer enough protection, while in heavier rain events, you will get better protection from a hard cover. 

Improve the Aesthetic of Your Vehicle

One thing many truck owners love about the tonneau covers is that it provides a sleek, finished look. But it is important to keep it looking as good as you keep your truck looking. An old and faded tonneau cover can really change the overall look of your vehicle. By regularly washing and applying a protectant to your tonneau cover as well as polishing and waxing it, you can keep your cover in top shape and keep it looking better for longer. 

If you need assistance in replacing parts of your tonneau cover, come and speak to our friendly and experienced team. 

Resale Value

Did you know that a tonneau cover can add value to your vehicle when it comes time to sell it or trade it in? Tonneaus are desirable accessories to utes and it cuts out one cost that a buyer needs to cover. The added value will depend on the condition of your tonneau cover (and of course your vehicle), but if you follow all maintenance instructions for your cover, you can certainly add value. 

Tonneau covers are a great addition to any ute. From protecting your cargo through to giving you more covered storage space (no more trying to fit your luggage or groceries in the passenger seat on those rainy days) there are plenty of reasons to invest in either a hard or soft cover for your vehicle. 

Not too sure which option would suit your vehicle or budget best? At Carman’s Auto, our experienced team can help you get the right cover for your vehicle without breaking your budget.